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October 13, 2020 Update


Our Hours are Monday to Saturday 10:30am to 4:00pm

We know that people are concerned with the spread of COVID-19. We are keeping up-to-date with current health measures and safety protocols to ensure the health of our staff and customers and we are taking steps to ensure the continued health and safety of everyone in our store. 

These include:

  • A plastic shield has been installed at our front counter to help separate staff and customers.
  • Cleaning all books that we purchase from our customers.
  • Having a bottle of Purell handy for use by staff and customers.
  • Increased frequency in our cleaning and disinfecting protocols on high use surfaces such as the door, counter and debit machine.
  • We also have disposable gloves if people don’t want to touch the books, we can then re-clean the ones they want to purchase.

If you would like to phone 250-478-0914 or email us dragonflybooks@shaw.ca we will pick out the books for you to pickup.

To check our inventory scroll to the bottom of our web site https://dragonflybooks.ca/ where you can look up a book by author and or title.

If you would like to see photos of some of the books go to https://www.abebooks.com/ under sellers and look up Dragonfly Books.

We sell good quality used books, new books from Heritage Group Distribution and local authors.

Adventure, Antiques & Collectibles, Biography, Business, Canadiana, Children, Christian, Colouring Books, Craft Books, Fantasy, Fiction, Gardening, Health & Diet, Historical, Literature, Mystery, New Age, Non-Fiction, Paranormal, Religion, Romance, Self-help, Science Fiction, Text Books, Travel, True Crime, War, Westerns, Youth. There is something for everyone.

Dragonfly Books is Victoria’s (Westshore) hidden gem where you will find a great selection of quality used books, local authors and best sellers. Browse through over 14,000 quality used books of all types. We also carry a few new books and local author books.

If we can’t find what you are looking for we will add you to our request list and let you know when the book comes in!

When ordering books from our web site payment must be made via bank e-transfer or in person as we only accept cash or Interact.

If you wish to use a credit card to purchase books from us, please see the link below to take you to our inventory listed with AbeBooks.com.

The Gatewatch by local author Joshua Gillingham is now available ($20.00).

Torin Ten-Trees and his closest companions, Bryn and Grimsa, set out to join The Gatewatch and become trollhunters. When a troupe of meddling dwarves throws them off course they are captured by trolls and taken as prisoners to a secret gathering deep underground. There they learn that an ancient giant has crowned himself king of the trolls and plans to utterly destroy The Gatewatch. Their perilous journey back to the land of sun and stars will stretch their strength to the limit, strain their wits, and demand an unspeakable sacrifice. But will it be enough to defeat the Troll King?

The Gatewatch is a young adult fantasy adventure inspired by the Norse Myths, the Icelandic Sagas, and the unforgettable landscape of the Rocky Mountains. Myth, history, and imagination fuse together in an epic troll-hunting saga written for young adult readers.

So glad to see the book we sent to Sarah in Australia arrived. Really great to see she already cooked something from it!

So glad we had some Lisa Jewell books for Megan.


We now have local author Grace Bogaert’s books Shiver and The Girl from Mena Creek. ($15.00 ech)

SHIVER A supernatural thriller

Rescuers find five-year-old René frozen on the lake outside his family’s home. He is rushed to hospital where his body temperature is restored to normal and his heart starts pumping again. But he lingers in a coma. His parents, Anna and Xavier, pray for his recovery, but René’s doctors say there is no hope and recommend removing René from life support. In a last ditch effort to save her child, Anna begs her aunt, a native spiritualist, to perform a secret shamanic ritual, making a bargain with the spirit world to restore her son’s life. At first it seems that the ritual has not had any effect, but when the ventilator is switched off, the boy begins to breathe on his own and recovers fully. Anna is overjoyed, but unease soon clouds her happiness. She suspects a connection between her son’s revival and a serial killer she once helped go free. Strangely, the killer’s talisman, a carved figurine of a woodsman, keeps turning up—even after the object has been burnt in the fireplace—a sign of the persistence of evil and of the frightening odds Anna faces. Even though she knows the killer has since died, she feels his presence lurking everywhere, and she lives in trepidation, knowing his reign of terror is not over.

The Girl from Mena Chreek – An Australian love story inspired by true events at historic Paronella Park

 A debut novel by Victoria author Grace Bogaert

In 1927, Talia, a young Spanish girl, travels to Australia where her father has been eking out a living cutting cane.  After several years of bracing cyclones, disease, and poverty, Talia’s family moves again to another part of Far North Queensland. This time, they settle at Castillo Candela, the wealthy domain of fellow Spaniards, and life becomes a little easier.  It is also at this beautiful estate, nestled along Mena Creek, that Talia first meets Alwyn, a mixed race Aboriginal boy.  Initially, Talia finds him a little strange but after working side by side, she grows to understand him, and eventually to admire and love him.  But when she and Alwyn decide to get married, Talia is dismayed that her family will not allow it, even though Alwyn has proven his worth time and again.  In a desperate move to gain Talia’s parents’ approval, Alwyn joins the Australian forces in the battle of the Pacific, but soon disappears following his capture by the Japanese.

In her loneliness and despair of not knowing Alwyn’s whereabouts, Talia looks for solace in painting the landscapes of her adopted homeland, clinging to the hope that someday Alwyn will return.

Nice to meet Weyla Roy from Necronomics. So glad we had a couple of books she wanted for her collection.