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Check out these great local authors

Patrick Walter Herzog – From the Mist – A Life Restored by Nature $24.95

For years, the trail of his life led through dense marshes, high mountain forests and steamy jungles. Then it stopped with just one word. Cancer. For the next seven years, Pat Herzog was pursued by chronic leukemia until undergoing life-threatening experimental treatment. Thereafter, he was relentlessly bushwhacked by fatigue and brain fog, skirting the edges of depression. Only by regaining his passion for nature was he finally able to overcome his fear of living. More than an authentic tale of illness, From the Mist – A Life Restored By Nature is a story of hardiness, faith and renewal. And it is tangible proof of the undeniable healing powers of nature.



Monique Anstee – As A Dog Thinketh $22.00

Daily reflections, guidance, and sound advice from a top trainer and competitor.Confused by your canine? Monique Anstee believes we have made dog training much too hard, when it really is very simple. Anstee teaches you to think differently, which will help you get out of your mind and into the moment.Monique Anstee trains dogs kindly, but effectively, and her clients love her for her honesty.

Desolation Sound

Marion C. Jensen  – Desolation Sound $20.00

This book is about recovery from loss. In the aftermath of a death, Ann Patterson’s family is becoming unglued. To save it, the hot-tempered librarian splurges on a trip to Desolation Sound. The trip turns out far different from her expectations. With the help of a ghostly adviser, Ann must face her own shortcomings and get a grip on the realities of her life.

George Mercer

Dyed In The Green $13.00

George Mercer is a former Gulf Islands National Park Warden and Vancouver Island-based author. Dyed In The Green is part of a six book series about national park wardens and their exploits with poachers, developers and bureaucrats. Initially set in Cape Breton Highlands National Park, the “Dyed In The Green” series will follow main character Ben Matthews, across Canada with the second book set in Wood Buffalo National Park (northern Alberta and the NWT) and the third and fourth books alternating between Jasper National Park and an African national park. Book Five is based in British Columbia’s Southern Gulf Islands and the final book in the series will come full circle and end in Newfoundland. These books are works of fiction with elements of mystery and suspense, set in some of our country’s most iconic special places.

Wood Buffalo –  $13.00

Wood Buffalo is book two and is set in Wood Buffalo National Park (northern Alberta and the NWT).

Jasper Wild $13.00

Jasper Wild, is book three and is set in Jasper National Park.


Bart van den Berk – The History of Leechtown Part I: The VIEE and the Discovery of Gold on the Sooke and Leech River $22.00

The History of Leechtown is a comprehensive look at the area up to 1864, when gold was discovered on the Sooke and Leech Rivers by members of an exploration group. Times-Colonist Newspaper article November 23, 2014

Fred Storey – The Legend of Stor $16.00

A saga about the struggle between the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons for the domination of the land which would become known as England.

This is a first novel by the author and has now been released on the market.

The book is about Stor the paternal ancestor of all people named Storey. He witnessed and participated in the transformation of the contending races, religions and nationalities into the Wessex dominated Anglo-Saxon, Christian Kingdom of England.


Medicine Wheel Education books

Medicine Wheel Education presents 5 Children’s Books which are Beautiful, Inspirational and Educational. All their books are authentic as they are written by or approved by First Nation’s individuals.